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All work is undertaken with special emphasis on safety measures in accordance with CAL OSHA and the protection of people and property. Pruning applications are undertaken in strict compliance with guidelines as set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture, under the guidance of certified professionals. All insurance, licenses, taxes and bonds are current and in good standing. Our staff includes Certified Arborists and Certified Tree Workers who oversee all tree work, and are constantly upgrading this program through training, seminars, and continuing certification of the staff. Excessive pruning, topping, hat racking, tipping, and other practices destroy the natural shape and beauty of the tree and could result in a hazardous liability.

Landscape Maintenance

W. B. Starr, Inc. has been in the landscape maintenance business in Orange County for more than 35 years. Many of our accounts and employees have been with us for 30 years. We provide excellent service and supervision with our projects for landscape maintenance, water conservation, retrofitting and repair of irrigation, tree management scheduling and installation of plant materials.

Irrigation Services

We repair, retrofit and upgrade irrigation systems based upon water district guidelines, damage and other needs. Our expert irrigation technicians find the most cost-effective solutions for project areas needing maintenance and upgrades to more efficient systems in accordance with water district standards.

Landscape Design

We specialize in current, cost saving landscape designs: plant palettes and microclimate/site specific planting designs that focus on low water plants. We offer an artistic, contemporary perspective while keeping within water district costs and other budget considerations. Today, much of Southern California has a Mediterranean climate. Our landscape designs offer an innovative, low water Southern California zone plant palette and planting design approach; with boulders and other enhancements sometimes included. Often low water, California friendly plants can provide lush foliage and year round color. We provide solutions for areas needing removals, plant replacement and special attention.

tree services

Trees are a major investment in any landscape; and require specialized care. We are proud to offer the services of a knowledgeable and professional Arboriculture Department. Our company is committed to integrating the specific Arborist needs of your property with your service expectations and budget considerations. The trees on your property represent a large investment that W.B. Starr, Inc. can help you protect. Our firm offers a variety of arboricultural services to preserve the health, natural beauty and investment that the trees on your property represent.

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